singing: "I left my heart in san francisco"

Even 22-year-olds have a lot to worry about. Although we may be able to pickup and go where ever our heart desires, sometimes its very hard and tiresome to spend ones life between so many places---especially, so many places that one enjoys and ultimately grows accustomed to. In the last 4 years, I've hopped from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, then to NYC, half a year in Paris, back to NYC....and lately, intermittent returns to San Francisco (my hometown). I live to pack and unpack my suitcase and without a clue as to where I'll be in the next few months (and where I can singly house all my books)! I've been so fortunate to have had the travel opportunities as I've had, because I've loved every new place I've lived in. Santa Cruz for its redwoods, San Francisco for its hippies, Paris for its classicism, and New York for its It 24hr energy.....It always makes leaving hard, and going exicitng.

I depart this afternoon to return (home?) to New York City, I wonder if I'm more of San Franciscan than a New Yorker. A month ago, I would have said that I'm more of a New Yorker. So, the million dollar question is, where should I settle and find my dream job?---in the city that lovingly calls me back (SF) or in city that gruffly challenges me to venture forward (NYC)?

je ne sais pas.

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LauraB said...

I feel for you. I've got the same predicament between Chicago and Nyc. I figure I just go where I am supposed to be and if you live your whole life going back and forth then maybe both are your homes for different reasons.