Peter Hvidt

At the Alameda flea market last weekend I spotted this mid-century gem 8 stalls away and still can't take my eyes off it. Perfect detailing, as meticulous and well carved as the interior of a boat cabin. Of course, the Danes have seduced me again and I had to buy this Peter Hvidt icon. Hvidt's furniture resonates exceptional craft and form and I think that's because he was trained originally as an architect and a cabinet maker before he freelanced for Herman Miller and later teamed up with designer Orla Molgaard-Nielsen. Beyond aesthetics, it's totally functional. It's exceptional lightness and it's ability to break down into pieces is key, especially when you live in an old New York tenement building and have a 5 floor walk-up (oh, Mulberry St!). Plus, you can fold down the woven arm sides for side table tops.

I envision that my Hvidt will ultimately serve as a lovely reading sofa by day and a swank post-White Russian sleep by night! I'll keep you posted on its adventures...


Anonymous said...

Okay....totally jealous of this graceful, blazing red sofa....I hope that your walls are white in the apartment in the village...i can see it now....xxooLynnda Blitzer

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe I found my Hvidt Daybed on the internet! This is my old daybed which I sold through the Trout Farm out at the Alameda Antique Fair last year. It is in about the best condition I've ever seen, and it was a good buy. Congrats., since then I've started a business in Emeryville dealing in only Danish Modern. Check us out or come on by! We have some amazing pieces!

1313 67th St.
Emeryville, CA 94608

Take Care,