An ode to stairs

The middle image is from the Gordon Matta-Clark exhibit at the Whitney Museum. The stairs were graced by Gordon's destructive mission to SAW, CUT, SLICE everything..."everything" which everyone believed was nothing, until....people (like me) finally realized the essential purpose of stairs. Once stairs are stripped from the wall, no longer can one access the above space. What a concept---a space forever unaccessible---all that's left is a zig zag footprint on the wall ( a ghostly silhouette of what once was a route, path, transition to "another" level). I find myself slipping into a Rem Koolhaas "Delirious NY" episode!

The final image is what I call a new use or a "repurposing" of the staircase....to have drawers! Fantastic. I especially love the right staircase which becomes in itself, a bookshelf. Perfect for small spaces.

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libby said...

love your blog so far -
(but i wish i knew a little bit about the person behind it!)
keep it up!