This is a composite of my favorite Sartorialist moments. I love it when the Sartorialist captures men and women in high draped pants, blouses, great brown shoes and of course a scarf to tie it all off. I'm not a fashion novice, so I don't have a well-versed fashion vocabulary for instances like this, but all I know is that I really their style. Subdued browns, blues, creams and peter pan collared blouses resonate the modest, yet elegant 30's/40's post-war look (note: Katherine Hepburn + Samuel Beckett in Paris, as well as Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face). Chloé had a great Spring 07 runway featuring looks like these above.

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Carlene said...

Oh, I love these too! But I never focused on (it never even occurred to me, actually) what the common elements were before. You nailed it.