BDDW: Handmade Furniture

I just stumbled upon this furniture showroom in Manhattan as I was walking home on Crosby St. the other day. At BDDW, I so impressed by all the texture and attention to wood quality that I went home to research the designers. It was great to hear that the 2 designers (Tyler Hays + Joshua Vogel) are locals and make these "domestic " wood pieces in nearby Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn. I give 2 thumbs up to Hays + Vogel for Being Local and paying such great attention to craftsmenship


ASHLEE said...

Tyler Hays is good. His company, BDDW, successfully bridges the divide between woody American design and what's modern right now.Designed and manufactured with imagination and precision in Brooklyn, BDDW is one of the few which matches the hard angles of modern design with an innate understanding of natural elements. Whether it is a table, a carpet, or one of the original paintings in the store, every piece is grand and understated at the same time. Chairs starting at $850, 6' tables starting at $3800 and queen beds around $4,000 $6000.

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Pulit4 said...

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Norman Carl said...

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